An attack on a dwelling, which, like arson and murder, *LHP states could not be compensated for by a money payment, unlike e.g. *strastbreche. -

Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. .

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  • Botleas — Without recompense. A crime for which monetary compensation was inadequate. In LHP among such offences were *husbreche and arson; also, treachery towards one s lord and endangering the king through killing. Cf. Bot 1 …   Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases

  • Hamsocn — The offence of forcible entry into another s house, or following him inside and assaulting him there. This was one of the offences reserved to the king s judgement. It would seem there was little real difference between hamsocn and *hamfare. The… …   Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases

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